Digital printing

The UV (ultraviolet ray) printing system is based on the fact that the UV rays of the lamps dry the ink completely and instantly. This allows for cleaner and better color rendition printing.

In fact, UV ink contains elements called photo-initialisers which, when exposed to the UV lamp of an ultraviolet printer, activate a process called polymerization or crosslinking. In practice, the ink molecules tend to group together according to well-defined networks and solidify, while the liquid component evaporates.

On our UV printers it is possible to configure, in addition to the 4-color process, white and gloss also, that allow you to print on dark or transparent surfaces and to create unique polishing and / or embossing effects. The continuous research activity has also allowed us to carry out digital relief prints, obtaining truly spectacular effects.

The printing materials range from leather to synthetics (polyester, PVC, polyurethane, and with appropriate pre-treatments, many other materials can also be printed, such as wood and glass).

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