High frequency

The high-frequency processing allows to create fantastic effects on materials, give them volume, numerous graphic effects, create logos and lettering in relief with different shapes and textures, labels, patches and customized decorative elements.

From the combination of heat and pressure, the different materials are put together, according to the shape predetermined by the mold, thus giving life to a new product with a three-dimensional effect.

High Frequency is used on plastics, fabrics, synthetics and many other materials and especially in leather processing such as footwear, bags, small leather goods and car interiors. This type of processing, while modifying the treated surfaces, does not stress or melt the materials and does not produce thermo-reactivity of the color.

The High Frequency processing makes it possible to combine the volume of materials with different finishes such as digital printing, metallics, glitter and small metal components for the creation of labels, patches, embossed writings or logos and personalized decorative elements.

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