The thermo application or thermoadhesive application is a process of coupling materials by means of heat that allows to customize uppers, leather goods, ribbons, elastics, trimmings and many fashion accessories.

The application takes place with rhinestones and thermoadhesive studs which at the base have a layer of glue which melts and adheres to the fibers of the fabric or to the surface of the leather thanks to the heat. Once cooled, the glue will perfectly fix the rhinestone or stud to the support.

This particular application technique can be carried out exclusively on suede, nubuck and porous fabrics with high thermal resistance, a minimum of 120°C, such as linen, denim, cotton, viscose, lycra, silk and taffeta.

In addition to the implementation of thermo-adhesive supports made to the customer’s order, in our laboratories we also provide their application on the material provided by the customer.

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